Flight Support Group was founded to be the “Future of Aviation Services”.

We do this by providing innovative and affordable programs and services that provide “you”, the aircraft owner, the ability to put “predictable in the unpredictable”.


We provide these excellent services and solutions worldwide and maintain a level of customer service never before seen in the aviation industry.


Our products and services whether stand alone or combined will eliminate the need for additional warranty programs and gives you the ability to manage your budget using one company.

From our “Flagship” product AvGuard, to Fuel services to Financing to Charter to Insurance, we cover most every need you may have for your Aircraft in the aviation arena, or aviation services to help you do business with the click of the mouse!


So, sit back, and explore our website and find how bundling your services with Flight Support Group can help you!

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Av-Guard has bundled coverage into ONE FIXED AFFORDABLE PREMIUM on aircraft and helicopters eliminating the need for multiple warranty programs. AV-Guard covers all aircraft and helicopters 35 years old or NEWER from a Cessna 172 to a Global 6000!


The AV-Guard plan includes: PISTON OR TURBINE ENGINE, ENGINE RELATED COMPONENTS, FLIGHT CONTROLS, AIRFRAME COMPONENTS, CABIN PRESSURIZATION SYSTEMS, FUEL SYSTEMS, LANDING GEAR SYSTEMS, HYDRAULIC AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, DE-ICE EQUIPMENT, AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, TR'S, APU, PROP(S). AVIONICS are coverage can be added with another proprietary Flight Support Group program! Only Av-Guard has bundled coverage on aircraft components and eliminates the need for multiple programs into one affordable premium.



Aircraft Detailing


N1, LLC has full capability to provide your customer with Hot Section Inspection Support on the JT15D-5 engines on the beach jet.  We have trained mechanics, OEM tooling, and the majority of the spare parts in the network.  We routinely sell parts to PWC, Vector, and Dallas Airmotive to support HSI/Overhaul events.


We would sell the parts to your customer at fair market value.  If one of the other maintenance providers provided the maintenance, they would likely purchase the parts from N1, LLC and mark the parts up for sale to your customer.  We call also assist with HIS and overhauls at below market rates if you choose to use us or we are fully staffed to send one of our engine personnel to oversee the HIS or overhaul.


Keeping your aircraft updated and beautiful is important to all aircraft owners. There are many options to consider for paint, soft goods, woodwork and cabin amenities. FSG has taken out the guess work by forging relationships with the the finest interior shops around the world.  A series of renderings will be provided to show your selections of the finished aircraft.

FSG only works with the finest completion centers around the globe to ensure the highest quality of work. Maximizing space, functionality and comfort are crucial for you and your guests.

Exterior refurbishment can be as simple as giving your aircraft a new clear spray or sanding all the way to the hull for a perfect paint job.  Our team of designers will work with you to personalize your aircraft.

Over the past 30 years, FSG has developed relationships with the strongest insurance carriers worldwide.  FSG can provide our clients with the best valued coverage options at the most competitive pricing for our suite of aviation insurance programs.  Whether your insurance needs or risks are for domestic or international travel, FSG and our partners can meet your needs.

Taking ownership of an aircraft for most entities will require financing.  For most, financing is a necessity - The difference of a quarter point can significantly increase or decrease the amount of money you will be paying for your aircraft.  Let FSG find you the most the most aggressive quote and affordable financing by utilizing our worldwide financing partnerships. The financing options  may be for your initial purchase, refinancing, engine overhaul or cash out situation.

Maintaining an aircraft does not always work out where your mechanics or shop are available.  Instead of being in a position of not knowing what to do, FSG will take the lead and arrange for an experienced mobile maintenance crew or even a specialist to be on-site for a major inspection to ensure a timely and budgeted job is completed anywhere in the world.




Have you ever had the experience of dropping your aircraft off for a scheduled inspection only to find your bill is 3 to 4 times higher than you expected upon pickup? Let one of FSG’s maintenance specialists be on sight and oversee the scheduled inspections with morning and afternoon briefings with the aircraft maintenance director verifying that the discrepancies are even necessary and in compliance. With over 30 years of maintenance experience, we have found these higher bills to be unnecessary. They often have extra man hours, needless part replacement due to indications of wear and tear, and double charges for discrepancies on your aircraft. FSG’s goal is to closely examine the bill and negotiate the final billing total. Give us a call to speak with one of our maintenance oversight specialists to learn more.

Charter Revenue Protection (CRP) is an industry-first aircraft business income insurance program that reimburses an aircraft owner and operator for loss of expected charter revenue.


Designed exclusively for the  individual aircraft owner, and/or the aircraft operator with exclusive control under a FAR Part 135 charter certificate, CRP offers reimbursement of expected charter revenue due to the cancellation of a scheduled charter as a result of unscheduled maintenance or mechanical breakdown.


When the insured aircraft cannot complete or initiate a scheduled charter because it has been withdrawn from service, CRP engages to directly reimburse the aircraft owner or operator for a pre-agreed level of indemnity

Who Is Protected?


Individual aircraft owners and FAR 135 charter operators of fixed and rotor wing turbine aircrafts, which are contracted at an established hourly rate


Aircraft management companies: "Problem Solved"


An insureds aircraft was scheduled for a multi-leg charter departing London. The aircraft experienced an avionics issue and was withdrawn from service and unable to initiate the charter. Working with the aircraft owner and management company, CRP reimbursed the owner.

What Is It?


Component Damage Protection (CDP) is an industry-first insurance product designed to reimburse an aircraft owner for ‘depreciated’ loss payments incurred under the aircraft physical damage insurance policy.


In the event that a damaged or destroyed Component or Part has a predetermined “life-cycle” resulting in a ‘depreciated’ loss payment, CDP would reimburse the difference between the ‘depreciated’ loss payment, and the ‘actual’ cost of a new part or component.



Who Is Protected?


Individual aircraft owners having a financial interest in the aircraft.



Problem Solved:


An individual aircraft owner suffered a bird ingestion to an engine, resulting in several fan blades being destroyed.  The fan blades were 50% through the established life cycle.  The aircraft hull insurance policy recognizes only 50% reimbursement for new replacement fan blades.  This product reimburses the aircraft owner for the remaining 50%

Chartering a private jet affords you the flexibility to travel on your terms without the commitment of ownership.  This cost effective method has been simplified by the team of experts at Flight Support Group.  Our team is available 24/7 to get you on your way in as little as 4 hours notice on the aircraft of your choice with an unmatched value.  The aircraft FSG hand picks are all third party audited by either AR/GUS or Wyvern to ensure the highest level of safety.  Since 1981, FSG has been the company of choice for some of the most recognizable names on the Forbes list to foreign business owners and even your neighbors.  We invite you to send your most common routes or even an upcoming trip to understand the unmatched value that FSG provides.

Maintaining an immaculate aircraft is a full time job and FSG allows you to not worry about your aircraft looking its best on the road.  Our mobile team of detail experts can, wax, polish, bright work, interior detailing and much more  no matter where you are in the world.

** Aviation insurance and related insurance products serviced and available via SterlingRisk of Florida, Aviation Division.

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