What Is It?


Component Damage Protection (CDP) is an industry-first insurance product designed to reimburse an aircraft owner for ‘depreciated’ loss payments incurred under the aircraft physical damage insurance policy.


In the event that a damaged or destroyed Component or Part has a predetermined “life-cycle” resulting in a ‘depreciated’ loss payment, CDP would reimburse the difference between the ‘depreciated’ loss payment, and the ‘actual’ cost of a new part or component.



Who Is Protected?


Individual aircraft owners having a financial interest in the aircraft.



Problem Solved:


An individual aircraft owner suffered a bird ingestion to an engine, resulting in several fan blades being destroyed.  The fan blades were 50% through the established life cycle.  The aircraft hull insurance policy recognizes only 50% reimbursement for new replacement fan blades.  This product reimburses the aircraft owner for the remaining 50%


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