Mobile Maintenance

Maintaining an aircraft does not always work out where your mechanics or shop are available.  Instead of being in a position of not knowing what to do, FSG will take the lead and arrange for an experienced mobile maintenance crew or even a specialist to be on-site for a major inspection to ensure a timely and budgeted job is completed anywhere in the world.




Have you ever had the experience of dropping your aircraft off for a scheduled inspection only to find your bill is 3 to 4 times higher than you expected upon pickup? Let one of FSG’s maintenance specialists be on sight and oversee the scheduled inspections with morning and afternoon briefings with the aircraft maintenance director verifying that the discrepancies are even necessary and in compliance. With over 30 years of maintenance experience, we have found these higher bills to be unnecessary. They often have extra man hours, needless part replacement due to indications of wear and tear, and double charges for discrepancies on your aircraft. FSG’s goal is to closely examine the bill and negotiate the final billing total. Give us a call to speak with one of our maintenance oversight specialists to learn more.


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