Aircraft Owners

Av-Guard is now offering an innovative program for piston, turbine, jet and helicopter aircraft. We want you to rest easy and let Av-Guard pay your unforeseen mechanical breakdowns and failures.

Reach a whole new altitude with Av-Guard’s Limited Aircraft Breakdown Service Contract.


A simple solution to an expensive problem. “As aircraft get older, the occurrence of costly unexpected repairs becomes more frequent especially when it comes to avionics and engine accessories.


* Add another layer of protection and peace of mind for you, the aircraft owner


· Protects all the major components of the aircraft, systems, components, parts, labor, engine(s), engine accessories, APU, Thrust reversers, prop(s)...including avionics!  Avionics are coverage can be added with another proprietary Flight Support Group program.


· We offer coverage for 12 months and 200, 500 or 750 hours

(whichever occurs first) for all aircraft 35 years and newer from a 172

to a Global 6000.


· We offer $0 enrollment fees.


· Add value to your aircraft by including Av-Guard coverage on your aircraft at a very inexpensive cost.


· We offer you a prompt quote and enrollment into the Av-Guard program so you can fix your yearly budget with one fixed payment.


· Have confidence that our claims adjuster is handling your claims quickly and efficiently with our team of claim experts. When you have a breakdown, call us and we take it from there.


· We allow you to choose the repair facility. We will pay retail rates to any OEM, FAA or equivalent facility worldwide.


· Get protected, get Av-Guard protected !

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