AvGuard Now Offers 3 Programs For Budgeting for Your Scheduled and  Unscheduled Maintenance with Intelligence and Predictability.

Market Aircraft with Confidence.

Have the Edge Buying or Selling.



Earn more money and have the edge selling and buying with Av-Guard by becoming an Authorized Dealer Affiliate. Call for US FOR DETAILS. 1-386-767-1200


Competition is tough in today's market. Two similar aircrafts are offered for sale, one has the Av-Guard Program. Which one would sell quickest and at a higher price?


We want you to increase your marketability and profits while reducing the time of sale for the aircraft you’re selling!


It’s easy to sell, manage, and reach a whole new altitude with Av-Guard’s program. Here are just a few ways it will make your job easier and your competitive edge sharper:


Add value to your aircraft inventory by including Av-Guard coverage on each aircraft offered for sale and set yourself apart from your competitors.


Get the advantage of selling your aircraft with an aircraft protection plan.


Includes all the major components of the aircraft: airframe components, systems, engine(s), engine accessories, TR's. Avionics are coverage can be added with another proprietary Flight Support Group program.


Tell how much your buyer intends to fly and we'll build a fantastic program!


Without enrollment fees or buy in's, Av-Guard is easy to sell with your aircraft!


How fast can you get a quote? Try us! Fill out our form here or call (386) 767-1200


Have confidence that we are handling your claims quickly and efficiently with our team of claim experts. When your owners have a breakdown, they call us and we will take it from there.


BUYER CONCERNED WITH COSTLY, UNEXPECTED REPAIRS AFTER THE SALE? OFFER AV-GUARD TO REDUCE THOSE FEARS!  Have an aircraft that you want to advertise? Call us and we will have the quote back in minutes. Let Av-Guard do the work while you reap the benefits!  We allow your customers to choose the repair facility. We will pay retail rates to any legitimate and qualified repair facility.


Join our team by becoming an Authorized Av-Guard Dealer Affiliate and increase your inventory and brokered aircraft with the Av-Guard Edge!


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  • Official North American Launch


    After months of restructuring AvGuard is accepting open enrollment into the program.  447 Makes and Models, more than any other program available.  The restructuring of this 28 year old company and the first maintenance service program is now the most efficient and cost effective program any owner can purchase to streamline their aviation budget with ease.

  • 2018 Budgeting


    2018 is fast approaching and at some point this year an expensive component broke at an unexpected time. Most of the aircraft owners rarely budget enough to avoid stroking a large check to make the aircraft airworthy.   It is time to take an intelligent approach to this unpredictable problem.

  • OEM Coverage Supplementation

    OEM warranties expire after 5 years of being delivered and no longer do owners have to worry about having a lapse in coverage for the unexpected failures of aging components.  It is time in 2018 to preserve the asset that enhances your business and personal schedules.

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