AvGuard Now Offers 3 Programs For Budgeting for Your Scheduled and  Unscheduled Maintenance with Intelligence and Predictability.

AvGuard Coverages

Schedule of Coverages.



1. STANDARD COVERAGE: Includes either the following Fixed Wing or Helicopter parts:Fixed Wing: Airframe components including but not limited to: flight controls, cabin pressurization systems, fuelsystems, landing gear systems, propellers, hydraulic and electrical systems, de-ice equipment,and air conditioning. Coverage is not provided for avionics or auxiliary power unit, props, piston, turbo prop, or turbine engine or engine related components unless such coverage has been purchased as indicated on the Registration Page. Helicopter: Transmission gear box, freewheeling unit, main drive shaft and couplings, mast and assembly, main rotor head assembly, straps and blades, tail rotor drive shaft, rotor brake, tail rotor gear box, tail rotor hub assembly, tail rotor blades, flight controls, fuel systems, auxiliary power unit, hydraulic and electrical systems, landing gear, and air conditioning. Coverage is not provided for avionics or piston or turbine engine or engine related components unless such coverage has been purchased as indicated on the Registration Page. 2. OPTIONAL COVERAGE: If purchased, as indicated on the Registration Page, coverage include the following: PISTON OR TURBINE ENGINE AND ENGINE RELATED COMPONENTS.  Avionics are coverage can be added with another proprietary Flight Support Group program. AvGuard offers Unscheduled as well as a Scheduled Program, accompanied by unscheduled coverage between inspections. 

Avionics Coverage.


Your aircraft's and coverage single source for the highest level of care.

You also get budget predictability. With a consolidated annual billing based on your annual operating hours.



Unlimited rental / exchanges

No-charge troubleshooting / returns

No Core charges

Reliability service bulletins-parts are upgraded to incorporate the latest enhancements



Highest priority service

Higher aircraft dispatch-ability

Predictable budget

Full program portability with sale of aircraft, adding value of the sale of your aircraft

Paid airfreight

Global Field Support network teams of supply and service centers.

Be Financially Confident in AvGuard.


All exclusions and terms and conditions are provided to all parties interested in enrolling into the AvGuard program and associated coverage that can be obtained.  Please contact Flight Support Group/ AvGuard to obtain all documentation on the AvGuard Program.


Avionics and Engines are covered by a third party” through Flight Support Group, Inc


Benefits of AvGuard

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AvGuard News

  • Official North American Launch


    After months of restructuring AvGuard is accepting open enrollment into the program.  447 Makes and Models, more than any other program available.  The restructuring of this 28 year old company and the first maintenance service program is now the most efficient and cost effective program any owner can purchase to streamline their aviation budget with ease.

  • 2018 Budgeting


    2018 is fast approaching and at some point this year an expensive component broke at an unexpected time. Most of the aircraft owners rarely budget enough to avoid stroking a large check to make the aircraft airworthy.   It is time to take an intelligent approach to this unpredictable problem.

  • OEM Coverage Supplementation

    OEM warranties expire after 5 years of being delivered and no longer do owners have to worry about having a lapse in coverage for the unexpected failures of aging components.  It is time in 2018 to preserve the asset that enhances your business and personal schedules.

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