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We all know those unexpected and unforeseen mechanical breakdowns eat away our bottom line. Av-Guard will help you fix your unexpected and unforeseen costs.


Give yourself the advantage of higher profits and less worry!


What is Av-Guard? It is an innovative program for piston, turbine, helicopter and jet aircrafts. We offer an increased flight hours capacity for flight schools, fleet and charter operators who fly more than 750 hours per year. Ask us today for individual quotes!


It’s easy to manage your fleet and reach a whole new altitude with Av-Guard’s protection program.





The expense of having even one aircraft of your fleet down for an unexpected mechanical failure can be enormous! Av-Guard understands the critical nature of returning your aircraft to service and generating revenue. Let Av-Guard pay for your repairs!

All exclusions and terms and conditions are provided to all parties interested in enrolling into the AvGuard program and associated coverage that can be obtained.  Please contact Flight Support Group/ AvGuard to obtain all documentation on the AvGuard Program.

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