AvGuard F.A.Q.

FAQ - Questions You Want to Ask


I've never heard of Av-Guard. How long has it been available?


Av-Guard has been available since 1986. Since then, we have continually updated and improved the program to include a majority of General Aviation aircraft and helicopters that are flown today worldwide.


How much does it cost?


This is usually the first question.    For aircraft premiums, please refer to pricing page.


That seems really inexpensive | expensive | I need to look at my records...


Excellent! We have a lot of customers who enroll immediately and we have some that need to take a few days to decide if the program is right for their aircraft. Just remember, you'll have more exposure to mechanical breakdowns the longer you wait to enroll. Keep in mind, the intent of the Av-Guard program is to safeguard your budget and operating costs from costly unforeseen and unexpected failures and breakdowns, such as avionics. Avionics are coverage can be added with another proprietary Flight Support Group program.


To be honest, I really don't want to pay any other repair bills. How do I enroll?


Complete the enrollment form that has two pages of questions about your aircraft.

Wire your payment to our home office: Av-Guard at Flight Support Group | 100 Starport Way | Sanford, FL 32773.

Once payment is received, your enrollment begins.


I didn't pay that much in maintenance last year. Why do I need this?


However, that may be true, as aircraft get older the frequency of costly failures and breakdowns increase. The intent of the Av-Guard program requested by many aircraft owners and operators, was a cost effective way to safeguard their budget, closing the gap and fixing their exposure from these costly unexpected and unforeseen repair bills.


We are so happy you didn't get caught with too many unforeseen repair bills last year!


We all know that aircraft break. Unfortunately, aircraft repairs are always expensive. Even worse, repairs that weren't budgeted for will cut into your bottom line.


Av-Guard prevents that problem. You can budget Av-Guard in to your flight hours and then rest easy at night, knowing that if your aircraft breaks or stays completely intact, Av-Guard is on your side.


I want the Av-Guard protection. Who can I speak with to answer other questions?


Great! Call our office, (386) 767-1200 and we will be delighted to answer any questions you have and begin the enrollment process.

All exclusions and terms and conditions are provided to all parties interested in enrolling into the AvGuard program and associated coverage that can be obtained.  Please contact Flight Support Group/ AvGuard to obtain all documentation on the AvGuard Program.

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Contact Flight Support Group

Phone: 1-386-767-1200

Email: Info@FlightSupportGroup.com



100 Starport Way

Sanford, FL 32773

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